With more than 20-years of industry experience,Reach America originated in China, operating as China’s National Chemical Construction Corporation. In 2004, Jiangsu Hualin Chemical Company split from China’s National Chemical Company during the privatization of the chemical industry. After the split, Reach America ESG was formed to complete globalization and to support REACH registration for Chinese suppliers looking to enter the global marketplace. Subsequently, The Polychem emerged in 2004 as the main domain for all activities within the new group and to facilitate global distribution.

Together, Reach America and Jiangsu Hualin have over 40 years of experience working with the largest chemical manufacturers in China and Europe to commercially distribute their products throughout Asia, Europe and the US. As a result of these strategic relationships, Reach America ESG is accelerating the linkage between East and Westand facilitating rapid growth in key markets.

Co-producers and Local Affiliates

Reach America ESG works in collaboration
primarily with three other affiliates:

Reach America ESG

Reach America ESG, Ltd in San Jose, CA USA is a privately owned, full service distributor of a wide range of high purity and specialty gases and chemicals.

Jiangsu Hualin Chemical Co. Ltd

Jiangsu Hualin Chemical Co. Ltd in Nanjing China has over 40 years experience in the chemical industry and focus on rubber chemicals.

Pufirication Equipment Research Institute

Peric, which stands for Purification Equipment Research Institute of CSIC, China (PERIC), is Reach America’s co-producer for ultra high purity gases. Peric is recognized as one of China’s most important chemical manufacturers in this area.

Time Fluorine

is Reach America’s co-producer for all fluorine derived products, such as super acids. Time has 15 standard workshops in Fuzhou, Jianxhi Province of China, adding up to approxiamtely 1,200,00 square feet

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