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Reach America is committed to adding value to our electronics customers' businesses and improving the quality of service we offer. Our network of electronic special gas production plants worldwide are strategically located in key manufacturing markets. This gives you the benefit of timely deliveries and flexibility and security of supply. We supply semiconductor-processing high-purity gases, which are actively utilized in manufacturing of invisibly precision electronic circuits for solar cells that convert solar power into electric energy. Quality, consistency of specifications and prompt delivery are key elements that Reach America focuses on when supplying our customers with Electronic Specialty Gases and Chemicals, and we understand what is important to our customers and we work hard to ensure our products meet or exceed all industry standards in quality, safety and reliability.

Key Divisions

Electronic Specialty Gases

Reach America, in cooperation with its affiliates, operate a global network of production plants strategically located in core manufacturing hubs to bring you the full range of special gases supporting all electronics manufacturing processes.

Electronic Specialty Liquids

Electronic specialty liquids, or wet chemicals, includes a full range of acids, mixed acids, and buffered oxide etchants in a range of purity levels down to sub-100 parts per trillion (ppt).


Reach America provides a number of onsite services to our bulk gas customers. our Team is able to support our customers with expert resources, covering the full spectrum of needs, from design and installation to turnkey delivery systems.


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  • IC Process Chemicals

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